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Joomla Template width 1/16/2016  Dennis
Comment Count Class 13  1/15/2016  Mike
Images and icons on template not on live site? 1/13/2016  dan
Editing CSS and 1/13/2016  Mr Robville
Responsive Menu Options to open top menu item 1/11/2016  Ben Schut
Image above Title in bloglayout? 1/11/2016  East1
Hiding modules in responsive views 12/31/2015  Trent
Menu inside header not displaying correctly in responsive 12/27/2015  James G.
Footer problem after pinned menu and haeder 12/27/2015  Steven vdS
Search button wont show image 12/22/2015  Michael green
2 horizontal menus (top and main) 12/12/2015  Janneke
Tags not showing in category blog 12/7/2015  Sebastian
Erratic disappearance of read more buttons 11/25/2015  Erol Uygur
Horizontal Menu - responsive menu button below 480 pixels only 11/23/2015  fabiog
Horizontal Menu different in desktop/mobile view 11/23/2015  Fabiog
Menu isn't showing on tablet 13  11/23/2015  Fabio G
How to assign Header to menu item 11/23/2015  Ventsislav
tooltip 11/21/2015  erwin
CSS3 Effect for Horizontal Menu | Artisteer 4 11/18/2015  Luis Lara
How to change the font size of articles in category list? 11/17/2015  Petr
Missing Headline and Slogan 11/14/2015  Tor Pidus
Remove Bullets in Event Booking extension 11/14/2015  Paul
photo's vertical instead of horizotal 12  11/11/2015  James G
Style art-post only for articles and not for breadcrumb or the header 11/6/2015  James G
bootstrap, joomla 3, community builder 2.0 11/4/2015  RuKun
frontend save button joomla 3.4.5 don't work 11/3/2015  insatek
Missing positions Left and Right 11/3/2015  Sara
Simple Spotlight shows images below each other 11/1/2015  Brian
Customizing a table 10/30/2015  Brian
Header jumps when scrolling text 10/30/2015  Vzdesign
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