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Artisteer is amazing! Not only does it output state-of-the-art responsive designs these days, as professional web developers we have professionally developed hundreds of high-quality Wordpress websites - using Artisteer exclusively.
It saves us a huge amount of time in the web development process, allowing our designers to concentrate more fully on the look and feel of the site than they could in the past.
I would thoroughly recommend Artisteer for any prospective buyer!

Peter Hatherley - Intermart Design

I purchased Artisteer several months ago, as I own a web design company. Since then, I have designed my company site using the tool.I am very pleased with your product. I just thought I would show you what my site looks like! Please let me know what you think.

Christopher -

I purchased Artisteer several months ago, as I own a web design company. Since then, I have designed my company site using the tool.I am very pleased with your product. I just thought I would show you what my site looks like! Please let me know what you think.

Christopher -

I really have to applaud you for creating such a wonderful product. My hat off to you. Your product has to rank as one of the best pieces of software I have ever purchased. I used to develop websites using code in .Net, but now I use Joomla and Artisteer. This has increased my productivity ten fold. Keep up the good work.

Pierre Cilliers -

Buying Artisteer is the best business investment I've made yet. I cannot tell you how many hours I've saved myself in trying to modify other people's templates. I have been easily and quickly able to make custom templates for my clients based on their specifications for color and overall look & functionality. Do you realize how pleased clients are when you can make their site look exactly as they envision? Artisteer has taken my business up a very big notch, and I really thank you for that. If I had to buy it again knowing what I know now about how it functions, I'd gladly pay several times over what I paid for it in the first place. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Kerry Crawford -

We have been Using Artisteer for about 6 months now and I wake up every morning and pray to God that I have not been dreaming! Seriously.
We now spend about 10% of the time we used to developing clients pages which means we are able to spend more time just finessing the client.
Everybody is happier with projects being completed prior to the deadlines and my developers feeling much less stressed.

Dan Simmins, Canada

Not different from any other web designer my life changed after learning about Joomla! But after having this Ferrari in my hands, I could only put it on full speed when I found a smooth road for it. The road called Artisteer. The Artisteer slogan “Web Design Revolution” is a right fit for the software powerful capabilities. I know that I’m just starting to know this software but I’m already very happy for buying it.

Vivianny Rodrigues / Codeware Solutions, Inc.

We actually Love it, we did a test and was shocked how easily we could design, As we usually use photo shop! Artisteer is A++ Were keeping it as a necessity for our company.

Rank On top, Inc. -

This software has revolutionized the way I build Joomla sites. The cost for the software is less than what I had paid previously for a one year template memebership. The templates load fast, are easy to build and they can be designed to make almost any desired look and feel. A template (with or without a Flash header) can be made in less than an hour to be exactly what a client needs, rather than advising a client to select a commercial template that would probably lack exact styling. Great work...and definitely a worthwhile investment for designing and developing Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal or DotNetNuke sites on a regular basis.

Kent, Bohemia Website Services Ltd -

I built a visually stunning Wordpress site for my father in only 20 minutes. This is by far the most valuable software I have purchased in the last ten years - worth every penny.

Andrew F - TriLogic Industries, LLC

I am looking forward to starting a membership forum for newbies to learn how to build Artisteer/Wordpress websites. I love Artisteer and so do my customers! I had a customer say just the other day say this program could be worth $5,000 because of it's full functionality and is an amazing program! I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to "learn it"...and now share it with others.

- Karen Krueger

This tool is the best software I bought in years of marketing on the internet. Artisteer has cut my time of website design to minutes rather than hours and hours. What's even better is the Drupal and WP theme exports are literally a click of a button. The concept is good and the functionality is superb.

- Alauddin Ahmed, Owner,

What can I say, other than "Absolutely brilliant!" I've spent way too long being distracted by HTML/CSS coding and, even then, only achieving half-decent sites. Artisteer has shift my focus from presentation to content, simply because Artisteer does a far better job at the presentation side of things in a much shorter time than I could ever achieve. One of the best productivity tools I've come across. A definite hats off to you guys. This product has blown me away. The Ideas feature is great and I smile with each new option it throws up.

Graham Goater, Cambridge, UK

I've been developing and maintaining Content Management Systems even before Joomla came out. Now designing templates for Joomla has become fun with Artisteer and it has certainly helped churn out quick concept ideas for my clients and brought the final site live in record time. I'm certain that as things continue to progress with this product, that it will be one of the most powerful design tools in the webmaster tool belt. This is certainly the beginning of a design revolution.

John K - Null Punkt Systems

We live in the Caribbean and wanted to create an interactive website easily for our St Maarten Island Guide online presence.
Artisteer saved us potentially thousands in custom design and we were able to build it ourselves sitting on the beach here in St Maarten.
This software is highly recommended and definitely worth the nominal fee.

Kyle Holland - The St. Maarten Island guide team

Just wanted to say what a fabulous piece of software this is.
In my opinion it's worth every penny of the cost.
I would never of thought that I was capable of producing such a professional looking output in a website with no HTML writing skill.
This product is totally awesome.
It was exactly what I needed - now I can have a professional looking output that is completely within my control to update and change as I wish.
If I can accomplish all this an still not have overly studied the 'instructions' who knows what I could achieve if I do LOL.

With many thanks for a superb product.

Julia Osborne - Julia Osborne Consulting Ltd

We have used the free trial version for weeks.
Creating very attractive layout proposals within minutes is outstanding.
Artisteer offers so many possibilities in changing and setting wanted details.
We have found all setting options we needed.
Sometimes it took us to two days to optimize a layout - now we can do this in 30-60 minutes.
Additional design ideas in many variations in only 10 minutes - easy and fast - this is stunning.
Artisteer is our first choice for future projects.

Thank you! We have bought the software - it is worth every penny and more.

JBenjamin Löwen, Owner of

I run a printing company in the Toronto area. We just launched our new website built with Artiseer and WordPress and I have to say.... 'Wow'!
I built the website MYSELF and I love it! I don't know anything about html, php or otherwise so this is amazing.
A web developer friend of mine was really impressed, so that's saying something.
I've been looking for something like this for a long time, and honestly when I bought the software I didn't have high hopes, but now I will be recommending this software regularly.

Way to go Artiseer!

James Cranon -

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