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header images blurred 4/15/2011  Tim
Add searchbox to DNN header 4/15/2011  Mawa
Image next to the Breadcrumb 2/2/2011  Steven Webster
Login not changed to logoff 1/31/2011  Marsh Narewec
Using DNN Forum module with an Artisteer skin 1/25/2011  Steven Webster
Increase in number of js files with Artisteer 1/25/2011  Vlad
Login/Register tabs and DNNGarden menu 1/20/2011  tim
Module menus not appearing 1/17/2011  Steven Webster
Error with skin and IE 1/13/2011  lk
setting width of articles to 100% 1/9/2011  TIm
Insert icon in submenu 12/24/2010  Vlad
Localization of Art-menu 12/24/2010  Vlad
Copywrite not updating 12/17/2010  BarryZ
Vertical Menu 12/17/2010  barryZ
Editing Horizontal Menu 12/17/2010  JohanL
DotNetNuke AJAX Problems 12/2/2010  René
Where is the End User Licencing Agreement for Artisteer? 12/2/2010  Undecided Prospect
DNN User 11/30/2010  Melvis Leon
Tables and pictures will not centre in DNN (FF and Safari) 11/25/2010  pat
Backgroud colour in html editor 11/25/2010  pat
DNN : Need Different Header Image on each page 11/23/2010  Toomas
DotNetNuke - Make Header a Pane 24  11/22/2010  Carla
Mr 11/17/2010  Chris
Rollover Buttons 11/14/2010  Matt
Artisteer 3.0 and DNN 11/13/2010  BarryZ
different slogan text - DNN 5.5.1 11/12/2010  S. Leupold
Why use DNN other than because it is .NET? 11/12/2010  TheRune
ArtMenuSO - ShowOnlyCurrent 11/5/2010  Joy Alcor
Trouble with Verticle Menu 11/1/2010  barryz
Problems en DNN 5.5.1 Multi Language 10/28/2010  TheRune
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