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How do I create a fixed header/menu 45  6/27/2016  Malinka
Header Slide Speed in Slideshow 6/24/2016  Gaute Singstad
Getting ="current_page_item" in Menu 6/15/2016  Dan
Full Width Banner 6/1/2016  Switzman
Enable jquery 5/31/2016  Mikkel
Adding two vertical cells within a column 5/19/2016  Sct Design
Wordpress export: add vs replace (Artiseer 4 RC2) 31  5/14/2016  Adrian
Artisteer + Wordpress pro eager to help you out! 101  4/27/2016  melissa
Version 4 Search Box Color 10  4/23/2016  mike garside
Romoving "Artisteer" tags in Theme Files 4/22/2016  Dave
how to make the slider responsive ? 4/21/2016  megan
"Read more..." 4/20/2016  Dave
How Do I Right Align The Main Content Sheet? 4/20/2016  Jae
Submenu items not showing when viewing website on the Phone 4/19/2016  Greg
language problem themes 27  4/18/2016  sakit
Woocommerce active page for the Shop 16  4/18/2016  didin
Two horizontal menus (Artisteer / WP) 24  4/18/2016  dewata
removing You may use these HTML tags and attributes on comments 33  4/18/2016  tubelt
How Do I Set A Different Background For My Home Page? 4/18/2016  Jae
massive problems after WP 4.5 update 4/15/2016  marco
WordPress tips 4/15/2016  Opinion
Sidebars are not showing 4/14/2016  Karthik
Shortcodes for subpages / child pages don't show in pages if "show in menu" is not checked 4/5/2016  brianosaur
How to use Artisteer 4x2 cells design in Wordpress - not showing. 3/26/2016  Martin Dvorak
Exporting ARTX file with theme 3/26/2016  Martin Dvorak
Dutch theme .po and .mo 3/26/2016  WP Guppy
Artisteer 4.1 slideshow above sidebars 11  3/24/2016  Alex Lee
Upgrading .artx from one version of Artisteer to another while using a child theme in Wordpress 3/23/2016  Denise
Importing an active wordpress theme back into Themeler 3/21/2016  Chris
Need Slideshow Plugin That Works with Artisteer and Wordpress 3/19/2016  Denise
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