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Bring back header alignment 5/4/2013  SDOC
Change all links color in one click 4/24/2013  Jonathan
IMPORT PSD FILES 4/2/2013  Zaki
Add Timing to slideshows 3/28/2013  Dave Gilbert
Export to PDF function 3/27/2013  Ian Stanley
Possibility to create mobile templates 42  3/27/2013  Mostafa
Add better IE support for v4 and improve website export. 3/15/2013  Brett thomas
Clickable Logo 3/15/2013  Ray
Remove Superflous Widget Areas 3/14/2013  Ron
secondary foreground image on the header. 3/14/2013  Taujin
Header - Weblink on images.....again.... 3/13/2013  Art
Dropdown Menus with Animation 3/12/2013  Dale
Concrete5 and Prestashop 3/10/2013  Richard
Artisteer Wordpress Edition 3/10/2013  Roger
Artisteer 3+MVC 13  3/9/2013  Robert
Format Painter 3/7/2013  shawn
Show widget on... 3/7/2013  WebsiteService360
Import Html Template other than Artisteer Generated 3/4/2013  Saeed
Party Hard and yet Stay Slim and Fit 3/3/2013  georgemilton
Horizotal sub-menus 11  3/2/2013  Shirley
Edit <HEAD> section in Artisteer 2/26/2013  Owala
Facebook Timeline Template Generator 2/25/2013  Lars
Multiple user3 modules Joomla 2/23/2013  Tom
Admin template 2/22/2013  Pibebueno
Preconfigure author data? 2/21/2013  LazyBoy
Sub-pages in Vertical Menu Only 2/21/2013  AggieDan97
Multiple styles in one template 2/19/2013  Poul
Custom gradients 2/19/2013  john C
Header Slideshow in JPG 2/18/2013  vmamet
Sell your Artisteer themes and make money !! 2/16/2013  Bob W
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