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how to change font size? 2/15/2009  Ralf
Foreground photo position 2/13/2009  Ellin
Choppy WP load in Chrome 2/12/2009  Amy
Peel away ad 2/12/2009  brian hackett
Hide tags 2/11/2009  Lazy Son
Center align navigation text? 2/11/2009  kjetterman
Future request: Getting out of boxes... 2/11/2009  Ellin
IE6 compatible Layout of Wordpress Export 2/10/2009  Marc Smith
W3C CSS Validator results difference 2/10/2009  superdog
Demo 2/9/2009  Norm
slogan is chopped. see 2 screen pics. 2/8/2009  Wayne Turner
Question on Menu 2/8/2009  Marc Smith
Can't change date text format 2/8/2009  Marc Smith
None of Artisteer WP templates are laying out properl 2/6/2009  Dan E.
how to get Catagories at top instead of pages? 2/4/2009  Caroline
How To Add Video And Adds In the sidebar 2/4/2009  Marc Smith
Wordpress 2.7 Manage Themes 16  2/3/2009  Carlos
'older entries' link isn't visible 1/31/2009  me.prosenjeet
sidebar formatting problem in MS Internet Explorer 1/31/2009  Caroline
Addtional pages in same template 1/28/2009  Ironboots
Theme Language 1/26/2009  Ellin
Adding Login menu 1/23/2009  Fiona
Submit Buttons Don't Work 1/21/2009  Dan E.
Add Post Footer Image 1/13/2009  Marc Smith
Spacing between posts 1/12/2009  Marc Smith
"site undergoing maintanence" while uploading and testing Artisteer wordpress theme? 1/12/2009  Marc Smith
Artisteer Themes WP2.7 compatible ??? 10  1/12/2009  Marc Smith
Adding space or line between posts? 38  1/12/2009  Marc Smith
Localized themes 1/11/2009  Florian Robardet
Static Homepage 1/10/2009  Horst123
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