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Headline and Slogan not working 3/23/2011  Sweden
V.3 by the end of January? 3/21/2011  Mark C
Crash on mac demo 3/16/2011  Ced
Do we need Flash? 3/1/2011  Jack
Older versions 2/2/2011  Garry
Menu item of active page does not activate 12/2/2010  Garry
2.5: Can't remove header graphic. 11/9/2010  BDK
Mac OS 2.5 bug in CSS generated for Joomla ? Or is it Firefox? 11/1/2010  foolevil
RC stable enough for use? 9/1/2010  FiGu
Ver 2.4 For Mac 15  7/31/2010  David J
{Option: From File...] - 'File not Found' - Message 6/21/2010  Fred
Where are source files stored 5/19/2010  KenKnight
Drupal or Mac 2.4 Issue? 5/6/2010  Mark C
Artisteer is unable to store configuration files 3/29/2010  Mark C
RC5 Regions (blocks) Now Working, but block headings/backgrounds missing 15  3/13/2010  Mark C
Thank You 13  2/23/2010  Rafa H.
Mr. 2/23/2010  Jeff F.
WANT TO BUY, BUT NOT SURE??? 2/20/2010  Garry
One small hiccup, "Cannot open, created with Newer Version" error.. 1/12/2010  DadOO
Mac Version 2.3 does work (for me at least) 12/22/2009  Chris Powers
If I buy Home, Will it be possible to get Standard after ? 11/28/2009  Garry
**Bug Report** Headline & Slogan text 11/2/2009  Eugene
body width differ from the head width 10/10/2009  funnyloner
Snow Leopard Update??? 22  10/8/2009  Ben
Testversion again? 9/16/2009  Phil
Feature Wish List- "Eyedropper" 8/21/2009  hyde
Preview not working. 7/31/2009  miles
Not a gripe, just a report 7/21/2009  fleety13
I'm Soooooo Excited! 7/16/2009  Juan
Japanese menu 7/12/2009  Junji
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