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Width of browser changes appearance 7/14/2015  Eileen
Flash buttons on vertical menu 7/12/2015  Joe
My Solution to Responsive Display on Tablet 768X1024 7/10/2015  Vaggelis
The lack of subtitles in the header 7/9/2015  Tina
Internet Explorer 11 - Background fixed 7/3/2015  Louis
Request failed: 500 Content import 23  7/3/2015  Anton (RUS)
Block Header color is missing 6/30/2015  steambc
Front end module editing 10  6/25/2015  Thomas
PDF/Print/Email 6/23/2015  Ian Shere
Template alignment left 6/20/2015  orhan
Tags don't display 6/14/2015  xgipper
Responsive template and fixed size divs and images 6/13/2015  Chris
Artisteer template breaks Matukio in Joomla 6/12/2015  Mark Lloyd
Active selection highlighted 6/11/2015  Enzo
Layout in Artisteer different in Joomla 6/9/2015  EazyEagle
compatibility with IE 5/29/2015  Tina
How do you add space under horizontal menu... 5/20/2015  xgipper
Menu objects don't work after accessing submenu objects in responsive mode 5/18/2015  KerstinM
table-markup in DIV-tags 5/15/2015  Eileen
Mega Sub Menu with 3 columns 5/13/2015  Richard69
additional css - vertical alignment 5/11/2015  Seppe
Slider 5/11/2015  parkejo
I can't find, what I'm searching for 5/9/2015  Dave B
Text link in header 5/6/2015  rshboston
Menu not showing the way I made in artisteer 15  5/5/2015  Tina
Alignment of feature articles in responsive template 4/29/2015  Marg
Automatic playing Artisteer slider item in Joomla!!?? 4/29/2015  bobyx
Images in articles will overlap to columns - big issue 4/28/2015  Andrea
Joomla front end editor issue 26  4/21/2015  Jason
Import from billion 4/20/2015  Dave B
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