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Estoy de Rodriguez

Posted: 12/1/2008
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Hi all... me again!

I have quite a few "pages" on my blog... and this means that they wrap onto two lines using my Artisteer theme.

However, the second line has forced the main body of the page down somewhat... leaving the right hand column in the correct position.

I know that if I had a couple more pages - then this will add menu items - which would even it up... but I'd rather not make up pages for the sake of it... as these should only be the most important. My 100s of posts should be the main part of my site... and the pages for core prime content.

I can't attach images in here - so hopefully you'll be able to view what I mean via the following links?

Thanks guys!
Marc Smith

Posted: 12/1/2008
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Three choices

1. Redo the theme without the menu bar.

2. Get a page management tool that can allow you to show or hide pages in the menu.

3. Move some of the pages to subpage of existing pages.

Posted: 12/2/2008
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Thanks Marc.
I think option 3 sounds the most feasible without changing too much of the site.

I know that I could just widen the sheet to 950 px, instead of 900 - which should work too. I just didn't want it to display wrong in other people's browsers.

Thanks for your help!