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Posted: 12/15/2021
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Turn location services off when using dating apps, and don’t share any photos or videos that carry location information. If you aren’t sure, don’t share that photo or video: turn location services off and take another photo to share.

Set up another email address from an online service such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo. Ensure that the email address doesn’t contain your real name, so it is harder for someone to track you down..

Block anyone who behaves badly. Don’t respond to threats, sexual behaviour, photos or videos that make you feel uncomfortable. Block and report them.

Make sure your computer has a secure password, up-to-date anti-virus software and a firewall to prevent someone using the online dating site to access your personal details or computer.

Posted: 12/16/2021
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The modern generation loves everything that makes life easier. Everything follows the same scenario when it comes to romance and love. There are special sites that help with this - It is important to check everything to find the option that suits you. Often people don't even know about such a possibility ..
Rick Sunchez

Posted: 1/12/2022
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For many years already without a girlfriend and a relationship, I was building a career, but now that my whole life is adjusted, I have no one to share it with. How can I find a good girl and how do they meet now?


Posted: 2/20/2022
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I have little doubts about young girls. It seems to me that they themselves do not understand why they are in a relationship. It is much easier with those who have already turned 40. There are typical sites for this category of people - This applies to both men and women. If you need dating, then you just need to create your profile on the site.
Alexander Graf

Posted: 4/12/2022
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It is interesting! Could you recommend a reliable dating resource where I can meet good people?


Posted: 4/12/2022
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I know for sure that new acquaintances are a problem for many. Women often look for guys and play pranks on others. This is silly. Therefore, I advise you not to fill your head with such nonsense. There are great dating sites. Take a look at and it becomes immediately clear who you like and who you don't. Don't pretend to be someone you don't want to be.