How to move forward??

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Kelly Normand

Posted: 11/5/2020
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Since the WordPress 5.5 update created all of the issues with Artisteer and their outdated Jquery issues - I've found the "solution" at least for now, as outlined in a different thread on here.

My question is this -- what is everyone doing to move forward? What program(s) are you using to create themes now? Is it safe to continue to use Artisteer to make a basic outline of a theme and then apply the fix within the Library file? Has anyone got any other similar programs that do the same functions as Artisteer?

Since Artisteer is no longer in business and most of the posts on this forum are now simply spam - I'm not holding out a lot of hope to get any answers. But I'd love to chat with anyone who has any ideas.

Good luck to everyone.

Posted: 11/20/2020
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We are all in the poo mate it's that simple and the change live to on does not work with all themes