Template for Joomla, erreur "Request failed: 500"

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Posted: 2/16/2020
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Hello I uploaded the artist zip files by checking "include content".
Then in joomla I put in "log layout type:" Artisteer.
Then I click on "import content from template," and I have the error "Request failed: 500" which appears in red.
can you please help me by thanking you, Michael.

Posted: 3/26/2020
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I have the same Problem with Joomla Version 3.9.12 :(
Frank Schürmann

Posted: 3/29/2020
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Same problem!

Posted: 7/11/2020
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I found this on here and it worked for me.

This worked for me: (suggested by someone else)

Try the following hotfix:

1) Open theme folder on the server or via Joomla admin panel
2) open /data folder
3) open install.php file there
4) find this line:

require_once JPATH_BASE . DS . 'includes' . DS . 'toolbar.php';

5) replace it with this code:

$prefix = version_compare(JVERSION, '3.9', '>=') ? 'sub' : '';
require_once JPATH_BASE . DS . 'includes' . DS . $prefix . 'toolbar.php';;