Do you want to have your own art company someday?

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Posted: 5/28/2018
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And what are the main things for making it successful in your opinion?

Posted: 5/29/2018
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I already have a web design company and I don't plan to start another one in future It was one of my main goals for many years and I'm very glad that my dream finally became true, even considering how hard is this work in general. I spent much time for preparing a start capital, it's a necessary thing in this case and also for getting specific knowledge for my certain sphere, it's very important as also having knowledge/experience about business tools and methods. Starting a business in general isn't difficult but making it successful isn't an easy thing at all, there are many necessary things for it... :-O The most important in my opinion are also creating a good and qualified work team, developing an effective management system, providing various modern technologies for improving your general work, developing a network for your customers and partners, and also advertising of course. Ignoring the last one is a widespread mistake for many startups which causes them to fail often. There are of course many more of them and I can say from my own experience that you should have a strong spirit and always be ready for risks and possible fails. Patience, time-management and hardworking are other necessary things for every successful businessman too.