HTML mobile website made in Artisteer does not show up well in Chrome, but fine in Firefox

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Arno Luyendijk

Posted: 5/4/2018
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Good afternoon,

after I visited the HTML mobile website I made for a client, I was displeasedly surprised that the redirection code for smartphone screens I implanted did redirect , but the opening page shows up with a screen width for a desktop in a chrome browser, but in firefox for android, there is no problem at all!

I have re- en re-checked the header codes and there seems to be no problem, and also the style.css does not show up with anything odd. But I may oversee things now that I stared o many times at the same fields.

The url of the desktop website is

-> that has to redirect to

if the screen is smaller than 600 px.

Can you guys PLEASE help me out?