How to Manage reports in Magento 2 ?

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Posted: 11/13/2017
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Magento Advanced Report Extension provides a time-saving solution to arrange your data in a clear way and consequently run a quick evaluation of your business .

As for Magento 2 Advanced Reports with get 8 reports (more reports should be available soon) the module also offers the stunning visual graphs to illustrate trends within each report. The extension is already very useful and it will be even more reliable and full-featured after further update !
Report on sales by Country
Report on sales by Product
Report on sales by Customer Group
Report on sales by Coupon code
Report on sales Report
Report on sales by Hours
Report on sales by Day of Week
Report on New customers and Returning customers
After you see some key aspects of the Magento 2 Advanced Reports, let’s check the content of the standard pack at the detail page !: