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Posted: 10/21/2017
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My friend runs a small bar/restaurant. She is not tech savvy, but does know how to use Facebook and how to create a Google event.

What she would like is a website that is largely static, but has two dynamic sections, Events and Menu, where she informs patrons of new events coming up, with graphics/posters etc, and any changes to the menu.

She would like to create an event in either Facebook or Google Events, and the Events section of her website automatically updates using that data, and that means adding an event, deleting an event, amending an event.

She would also like to be able to add menu items (this is food we are talking about), delete menu items, and amend menu items. All this from her mobile phone using the apps she is familiar with. I can see how Events work in Facebook and Google, but updating menus??

So she asks me if Artisteer can produce such a website that will autoupdate these two sections, Events and Menu, from data entered into Facebook Events or Google Events?

I don't know the answer. Do you?


Posted: 10/22/2017
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Are you using wordpress or any other cms or is it a normal website. Facebook puts out a page plugin you can insert into the webpage. If you are using something like wordpress there probably some plugin that you could use.

facebook page plugin: