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Posted: 11/20/2016
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Joomla 3.6

I designed a web site a few years ago using Artisteer for a charity kind of run club, but it was only now that the club which I did the web site for has contacted me to update Joomla from 2.5.9 to the most recent version, however after many hours of trying to update Joomla and now getting it to work, the template which was created can not be used on the newest version of Joomla and is just displaying an error message instead of site.

I am desperate to get the template updated to a newer version so that I can get their web site up and running again as it was, I no longer design web sites and I dont really want to have to pay for the software to do a job which will take 60 seconds and never use it again.

Is there anyway I can send the Artisteer project file to someone, open it and just click update, save and send back to me, I downloaded a trial of Artisteer but it doesnt allow export, which is pain as I know it will take less than 60 seconds.

Is there anyone out there who could do me a huge huge favour and just update the template for me please, I would really really appreciate it, not sure if it will actually work, but I kind of hope it would.

Many thanks in advance.

Posted: 11/21/2016
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Ryan contact me here: jamesg.artisteer@gmail.com