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Posted: 9/12/2015
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I see that in Artisteer its possible to design templates with rows and columns,. In fact a number of the templates you can start with are made up of columns and rows. However, when I add a template with columns and rows to Blogger they disappear and all the posts are just displayed one below the other. Is there any way of creating this kind of template and using it in Blogger?
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Posted: 9/18/2015
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recent changes by google have caused issues with publishing sites.
It's not possible to tell where your situation falls so please check your security settings as described below and if this doesn't work, please try installing your template using this alternative method,

This may be related to this specific Google account security settings.
Most probably it is necessary to set the account for "less secure access" as the current settings do not allow accessing Blogger directly.
Here some possible reasons are listed:
So these links should be helpful:
The page to set security settings:

The way to disable two-step verification:

It may also happen that you have an App Password or Unlock Captcha enabled:

If it all does not help please contact Artisteer support at