IPAD and touch type - menu's need extra work

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Posted: 1/28/2015
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Hello, I did send this off to support, but i think its very important, so ive published it in the forum as well.

Although I do all my work in PC, i tested the website we have on an IPAD.
Although it works ok, i have noticed that theres a slight error, and i cant seem to fix it.

This is because the menu itself has a multi-level menu; 3 levels on the "product" menu area.
Each one of the sub category does have another page, so when you are using the mouse in the PC, you either hover the page link; or go to the next level of the menu.
Works perfectly in the PC version.

But because the IPAD, theres no mouse option - there has to be a click for the menu to work.
Although the menu sort of works, unfortunately a new user using IPAD wont have much time to read through the menu options, because the link will go to the page level within 3 or 4 seconds.
This could be quite annoying for a new user to the website.

I have noticed another website in wordpress, has a nice menu system with a multi level menu at http://cycle-works.com/products/secure-products/ Look at the "Our products" please.
Whats great though, is if you are using the IPAD, one click will just open the next menu option - the second click would take the user to the direct page.
So there is no one click straight to a page, the first click just opens the next menu level.

Is there a way so the multi level menu will work better for the IPAD, so there would be 2 clicks - one to open the next level, the second to go to the direct page? Thank you