Why content don´t publish?

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Posted: 2/7/2015
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Quote Claudia Guerr:

:( I update my paid version for 4.2 some days ago. I´m trying to publish at blog on Blogspot. But, the content don´t appears after publish it. And, some images are missing too. Someone knows what i need to do? At version 4.1 all is ok.... Thanks

Could you try new version , as my templates is oke now ,
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Artisteer Team

Posted: 2/9/2015
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Hi Claudia,

Also (just in case) please make sure you check the "Import Content" box in Artisteer export dialog before publishing to Blogger. Please note that this will work only when publishing to Blogger directly.
If you export as Blogger template, it is possible to export design only.

Posted: 4/8/2016
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:( Ok when publishing to blogger what do they mean user name is that the email you used for blogger are your url been along time and yes I updated mine to use for windows 7 angela hope this still works.

Posted: 5/1/2016
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I just can't publish to Blogger.
I spend two days working on the design and now all I did is on the trash...

When I go to "Export to Blogger.com" and here I type my user login details:
username: .........@gmail.com (my google email for blogger)
password: my_gmail_password

And then.. just nothing. Not even an attempt to login, non any feedback if the user data is wrong or not.

I tried the other way - to transfer the template via HTML but it's not the same as I designed it.
Really, can anyone give an answer what exactly is the problem, because I see other users face the same problem?


Posted: 5/14/2016
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I am having the same problem. When I go to publish my blogger template and click on publish. Nothing happens. I noticed when I choose Image Hosting Picasa. It doesn't have a log in screen for there either.
I can click on the publish button a million times and it will not publish my template.
So then I chose export template and uploaded it to blogger. Well none of my images came through. It is just a nightmare.
daniel lee

Posted: 7/16/2018
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Quote Claudia Guerr:

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