Drupal 8 and Twig - Where Would Artisteer Fit?

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Posted: 3/5/2014
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I realize Drupal 8 is only in the alpha build stage, and that it is definitely not stable (it seems table to mess around menus and such, but my test with alpha - build 9 - crashed after installing 1 module (administration menu)).

That said, I wonder if the folks at Artisteer have been giving any consideration to using Twig themes/theming engine/templates/whatever... Not sure of exact correct termonology in order to work with Drupal 8.

Frankly, I gave up on Artisteer (I definitely did not WANT to, b/c I actually like using it, as far as playing around with appearance and such), but I think we need more communication from the folks at Artisteer about future plans, as well as greater flexibility if we're going to dish out cash for their product.

Basically, at this point, unless I see some major improvements, I'm not seeing any reason to pick up Artisteer again. I hate it, but I just haven't had a good reason to renew my license.

Anyway, someone mentioned in this thread:

That they thought the alpha version of Drupal is stable. It is not. Nor should an Alpha version ever be considered for a live site. I'm not an expert, but the "experts" do put these things in alpha/beta/production statuses for reasons.

In my test site, I REALLY REALLY liked how the default install, no content added yet, nothing done to it at all, worked PERFECTLY on my phone as well as on the desktop.

I'm anxiously awaiting to see how the theme-ing works with Twig (I had no idea it even existed until today when I happened upon some talk about it). And it'd be cool to see Artisteer come out with maybe "Artisteer 5" with support for Twig and Drupal 8 sometime this year.

But if the default themes work out as well as they semed to in my alpha test install, then who knows, maybe I'll just go back to using a default Drupal theme again... where I started with Drupal when they first went to version 6. :-)

Artisteer folks please give us a surprise - announce you'll do something like:
1. Enable importing of external templates - so if we wanted to use something like Fusion on Drupal, we could do that
2. Enable better mobile support. The desktop usage of websites is now down to 45% of total usage. So we've GOT to plan for mobile design if we want to keep folks coming to our sites. Many sites builders, etc, have figured that out and gotten it done. If Artisteer would move in that direction, that would give another reason to buy.
3. Better communication - Seems we never know anything about what Artisteer is planning, hoping, dreaming, whatever. The lack of communication I've seen particularly over the past year to year and a half makes me wonder if the folks are planning on continuing at all, frankly.
4. For us Drupal-ers, include support for Twig and Drupal 8 - or at least announce you are WORKING on it. Again - this goes back to communication.

Communication really is a big deal. It seems this was somebody's hobby/project for a class maybe, and then after they got their grade and made a few bucks, just decided to give up on it. Maybe I'm wrong, and I'd love to be proven wrong.