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Posted: 2/28/2014
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Hello and Greetings!

I had purchased 2 Artisteer licenses in the past, details are as follows:

1. Artisteer 2.0 Home/Academic (purchased in May 2009)
2. Artisteer 2.4 (full version, purchased in April 2010)

Now I need to UPGRADE (for $24.95) my Home/Academic license to the latest version, Artisteer 4.2, so that I can use the latest version, which is Artisteer 4.2 for Windows.

Although I wished to upgrade to the full version, I cannot buy it as the upgrade cost ($59.95) for the full version of Artisteer 4.2 is out of my reach...

My question:
My question is, if I upgrade now using the #1 (Home/Academic) License, will I be able to use the latest version, i.e. Artisteer 4.2 by upgrading? I ask this because I am not sure if the License upgrade will cover the latest version, i.e. 4.2, as my #1 license was valid for 1 year after purchase, i.e., till Apr, 2010 only.

Please answer ASAP, so that I can upgrade today itself. :-). I hope that someone from Artisteer staff would answer me so that I can safely and surely upgrade to the latest version of Artisteer.

Thank you very much!

God bless, and very warm regards to all.