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Posted: 12/6/2013
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I have been trying to setup the htmlmail module on d7. There is a default htmlmail.tpl.php file distributed with the module and the instructions state to copy it to your theme folder and modify. There are no complete instructions and I have not found a good current how-to but any of the variables I try to copy from either the artisteer page.tpl.php or i have even tried html.tpl.php and nothing works I get all unrecognized include head, etc. Has anyone had any luck with this or get it running. I created a special artisteer 600px width theme and disabled all blocks and the intended goal is for the site emails or possibly the simplenews module use this theme and send emails as html. Ideally I would like to be able to theme my webform submissions so they have a similar printable look to a word doc so the email submissions can be used as if though it were a real document instead of the raw email listing style default text only emails.