How to change footer (Drupal 7 / Artisteer 4.2)

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Kathy Koch

Posted: 12/6/2013
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What am I missing? I am using Drupal 7 and Artisteer 4.2. I have edited my artisteer template and changes in the header imported okay but my changed footer did not for the revised theme. I looked in the page.tpl.php file and it has my changed footer data -- but it does not show in Drupal. (NOTE: I am not importing any artisteer content because content has been edited in drupal and I don't want to overwrite.). I did try clearing the cache but no difference.

In addition, in Drupal the block for Footer does not show any ability to change or configure.

Thanks for any help you can give!

<footer class="art-footer"><?php if (!empty($footer_message) && (trim($footer_message) != '')) { echo $footer_message; } // From Drupal structure elseif (!empty($art_footer) && (trim($art_footer) != '')) { echo $art_footer; } // From Artisteer Content module else { // HTML from Artisteer preview ob_start(); ?>  <p>©2013 &nbsp; &nbsp;newsitename</p> <?php   $footer = str_replace('%YEAR%', date('Y'), ob_get_clean());   echo art_replace_image_path($footer); } ?> <?php if (!empty($copyright)) { echo '<div id="copyright">'.render($copyright).'</div>'; } ?> </footer>

Kathy K

Posted: 12/9/2013
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Nevermind. Figured out that creating a brand-new footer allowed me to overwrite the old Artisteer one. Thanks!