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Trond Larsen

Posted: 7/11/2013
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I use Artisteer with an CMS program that's not listed here. Its name is Esite, , It is a CMS solution developed over the last /almost 15 years in Norway. I actually partisipated in the development in the early days when it was still using just asp. Right now I can import an Artisteer template I've made into Esite, but I have to make several adjustment to make it fit to my CMS. Most are going quite well, but at some point in a new version of Artisteer I lost my secondary drop down menues, and I really miss them :-)

I've discovered that there is a visibility:hidden; in the css that makes the menus hidden, but I just cant remove it, cause that makes the menues visible at all times, and thats not quite what I wanted. I'm not an coder anymore, but I understand alot of both html and css, but still I'm in trouble here to figure this out.

Is there anyone that can uplift me to make my menues visible again? I can see there is an visibility:visible; property on the .desktop li:hoover>ul, and I guess it has something to do with my problem, but I really vant figure this out how.