No more Artisteer for Mac

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Posted: 2/10/2013
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Hey everyone...

I just wanted to let you know that based on some good intel, Artisteer 4.x or later will probably not see the light of day for Macs. So, what this means is that you either need to accept this and fire up Parallels for Mac as we do, or move on. Bugging these guys isn't going to do any good.

Artisteer 3.x was built using a lower version of C# with Artisteer 4.x being built using - most likely C#5, and Mono doesn't fully support C#5 and may not for the foreseeable future. The Artisteer team has resolved themselves to the fact that this may be a Windows only product from here out, and we are too.

The best thing that could happen here is if another company purchased Artisteer and poured the $$ necessary to build a cross platform environment but, I don't see that happening for a niche tool like Artisteer.

Don't get me wrong, none of us here consider Artisteer niche! We consider it an indispensable tool but, the development community expands beyond templates for CMS's.

Posted: 6/2/2013
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Quote James:

Sounds good. Please close the door behind you. 8-)

This guy is an obnoxious punk... Grow up kid.

Posted: 6/29/2013
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Assuming that Artisteer is out of the Mac business does anyone have an alternative? Something that matches the functionality of Artisteer? I looked at Template Creator CK and it appears to come close. One of the things about Template Creator CK is that it is not PC or Mac depended. You load the extension into Joomla so it doesn't matter whether you running Windows of Apple OS.