Artisteer 4 Slider Url link option

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Posted: 8/1/2012
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Artisteer 4 is fantastic improvement from artisteer 3 ..

Anyway I have made a new 4 template and now using on one of my top sites.

Couple of features I would suggest is that the slider image be able to have a option to be able to have a clickable Url link attached to the slider Images and also the ability to customize the size of the image slider in header section, which is where I have added the slider.. All in All Great Job ARtisteer TEam..

Cheers Chi

Posted: 8/4/2012
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OMG! No slider image links?

I love V4 and just paid the upgrade because of all the new features including the ability to easily create custom slideshows without WP plugins.

But there does indeed seem to be no way to link from images in a slider - which makes the slider feature completely unusable for me or any of my clients.

Please, please, please fix this before release! Thanks.