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Posted: 5/13/2012
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Hi all,

I have started to use some of the great templates that are on the Artisteer Samples page. The only problem is they look great in HTML but loose some of their formatting once I try and save it as a Joomla upload format.

An example is that say a template has nice columns in the body it goes back to one column when I save it for Joomla. I also download the Joomla template but it still changes once you save.

Am I able to save the template as it is in a Joomla format?

Posted: 5/13/2012
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Content management systems like Joomla consider template and content two separate entities, Artisteer create templates and you need to input content from your Joomla admin. The content you see while creating a template is dummy and is just for illustration purpose only.

However you can design/add your content in HTML website mode in Artisteer and copy/paste it to Wordpress manually as following: