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Posted: 9/27/2011
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Have tried e-mailing with tech support to no reply....

How can I make it to where I can set the width of my sheet larger than 79% WITHOUT producing a horizontal scroll bar. I would like for my sheet to fill more of the page, but I'm getting this scroll bar that I don't wish to have


Posted: 9/28/2011
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Worked wonderfully!

Once I removed the texture and lighting and THEN set my width, I could re-add both and it came out just fine. So for others reading... set your width first then do your fanciness

Long live Garry! 8-)

Posted: 2/15/2014
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I am exporting to a "website template", not a CMS template. I am getting an unwanted scroll bar on pages designed with the new 4.2 version. But pages that were designed prior to upgrade layout out are fine.

See this page: http://floridafoamfoundations.com/infrastructure-repair.html
VS this page: http://floridafoamfoundations.com/articles.html

In my artisteer project the words are confined within the block, without a scroll bar, but words get cut at the edge. The paragraphs don't wrap right in the new page designed in 4.2
Thank you!