Add CSS3 Buttons to artisteer

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Posted: 9/2/2011
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Hi Guys,

Here is a nice way to add CSS3 buttons to your artisteer themes. I have also made a video to demonstrate.


1. Grab a css button pack. A good one that I have created and use is:

2. Once you purchase the item (it's only $3) grab the css code and throw it in the css options dialog box. This feature is only available for artisteer 3.0+

3. Add the syntax to add a button on a link, input, button or a simple span. In the video i have used the following code:

<span class="orange round">This is a CSS3 button</span>

4. Show off your site to your friends :)


Posted: 9/17/2011
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Looks like a good idea. Where does the HTML Source icon in artisteer come from? I have pretty much on used it for Wordpress Themes so just curious.

Posted: 10/4/2011
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Hi Techtom,

You need to change the template to Website/blog type for it to appear. Otherwise for all other CMS types its hidden.


Posted: 7/31/2012
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well, grab here the free code for inserting css based content boxes, the same technique can be used to have css buttons.