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Posted: 6/12/2011
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:( - I have Artisteer, and I positively LOVE IT - especially 3.0 - question is, how could it be used with this software template? And if it can't be... any hopes that it will be?

Oxwall - Open source community software

Oxwall is a free, open source community software package. Ready to deploy for:

a social network website;
customer feedback/survey/general community;
collaboration tool;
family website;
photo/video/rich media content sharing website;
and so much more...

Oxwall is built on popular PHP/MySQL technology which means wide and easy adoption in the web-development world. We aim at attracting freelance developers and companies to offer commercial services for Oxwall.
Key Features

Full clusterization support for multi-million userbases.
Modular structure to choose site features like blogs, forums, photo, video, etc.
Seamless integration with existing database of users.
Solutions ranging from free hosted 5-minute-to-setup sites to enterprise standalone or existing-site-addon implementations.

Oxwall free community software official site

Website: http://www.oxwall.org/

I'm using Oxwall and currently, there are only 4 templates in circulation, which sucks, yes - I can customize them... but in truth, I tried that with one of them in the CSS and some how broke it, wouldn't show up right. So ... Artisteer please?


Posted: 6/4/2012
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I'm wondering too...?!