2 issues: Backwards compatibility & parallel versions

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Christoffer Geijer

Posted: 6/8/2011
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I have two questions regarding the latest Artisteer version 3 for MacOS, primarilly concerning Joomla templates:

1. Is it backward compatible with earlier versions of Artisteer (2.6), i.e. can work (Joomla templates) created with earlier versions be opened and modified in version 3 without loss of data/properties?

2. Is it possible to run versions 2.6 and 3 parallel, i.e. side-by-side on the same computer?

Your advise is much appreciated.

Posted: 6/13/2011
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1- Yes.

2- No sure about Mac but in case of Windows it is possible.
Christoffer Geijer

Posted: 6/16/2011
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Thank you both Garry and Bacha. I'll will try downloading version 3.0 to run it parallel with version 2.6 (that I don't dare to get rid of yet).