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Posted: 1/19/2011 Quote message   

Okay I figured out how to bring my artisteer 3.0 Beta in Blogger.

BUT all my coding for the comments has gone. I googled it and made appropriate changes however, it doesn't work.

Is there a place in Artisteer that will permit to code this before I export the design in BLOGGER? If so, where?

Posted: 1/21/2011 Quote message   

I am also trying to number my comments. I need this tool!!

So let me know as well!

Also bumping because well I have giveaways ending with several hundred comments and am NO WAY gonna count by hand!

Posted: 1/21/2011 Quote message   



Go to

Follow the directions.

I find that if you remove the comments lines, it work. Wasn't working with the comments lines

Here's an exampel of a comment line in the code... <!--COMM-NUM-STARTS-->

Sooooo happy because I have a giveaway that has lots of comments. I didn't want to go manually either. *grin*

Good luck!

Posted: 1/21/2011 Quote message   


Thanks so much! I have a giveaways ending tonight as well and I have over 600 comments.. lol


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