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Chris Kuiper

Posted: 8/17/2010
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In the former post I already asked about the possiblity to make Artisteer compatible for SilverStripe templates, where I also mentioned something about a conversion faq, tut or app.

Therefor, could it be possible to make a program where you can convert a template from one CMS to an other. Since Artisteer already is capable to export to about 5 different formats, why not build a program that easily converts the css and/or php codes and build-ups from the themes between the different formats.

I already saw the requests for compatibility for Buddypress, Zencart, Mojoportal, Magento, Xoops, OScommerce etc etc.

There´s a huge chance that it will be impossible to make sucha a program 100% reliable, but if only 98% of the codes can be converted, I´ll be willing to invest some time to figure out what went wrong where inside the converted template, but learn all about the other CMSes take too much time and effort for me, although I realize that the base is the same for all those systems.

Posted: 4/29/2020
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