Vertical menus in mac version

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Posted: 5/11/2010
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Artisteer 2.4 for is now available:

Posted: 8/1/2010
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:-/ Excuse me for my English is bad

I like the vertical menu, congratulations, however how to remove the tabs.
I have my vertical menu I like, but everything is also a horizontal tab.
I'm on WP 3.0.1 and Mac

thank you for your advice
Mark C

Posted: 8/2/2010
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The Mac version does not support WP 3.0 yet. It will later in the week.


Posted: 8/3/2010
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Hello everyone,
I did as you've told me, in the settings, however now when I click on a tab, I "Archive for the category.
How to avoid this message?
Thank you for the advice.

To better see the website here:

Posted: 9/17/2010
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The page order issue has been fixed in latest version, you should update your Artisteer installation to latest version(, you can download it from:


Posted: 3/17/2011
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Great product ! I am using MAC. OS X 10.6.6, With the trial version . Vertical menu / are not rendering as designed in the template . They come out as a Flat straight list. Is this an issue or am i doing something wrong ?

Posted: 3/23/2011
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@ Mike

I assume you are using Wordpress, try adding "vertical menu widget" to primary or secondary widget ares.