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hi ,

i am wondering does anyone know how to place the position of the search box and other modules in the main hearder . i know you got to point them to a position i.e left top user3 etc but i am not the best a php and i was wondering how this could be done . i would like my search box to sit in on my header image , i just dont know where to point the module to , to make it happen ,

any help would be great


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Likewise, I was wondering if anyone could describe how to put the search box into the top menu bar (User 3). Artisteer docs say that you can only have one thing in there - but is there a php workaround?
Mark C

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Can you go to Admin >> Build >> Themes >> Config and make sure that 'Search' is enabled.

Then go to Admin >> Build >> Blocks and put it into the region that you want it.

Presuming you are using Drupal.

Mark C.

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Likewise... any tips for placing a slideshow in the header without manipulating the code manually?


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And what about joomla ? Is hard-coding new position wrapped together in a <div> block the only solution ?

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Create template without header.
Use a rotating slideshow extention and put it in User3 in the first or second position to have it either obove or under your menu. No coding needed.

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Following related thread may be helpful:
Zhanna Zabello

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Read updated "Search me" article. It is for "...Those of us who use Joomla are accustomed to having a Search or News Flash module in our website’s header."



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Has anyone a solution how to put the search box in the menu bar for wordpress?


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Following thread is for placing search in header but may be helpful:

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Just a quick question if anyone can help. I have added the search bar in my template web page. Does that search bar automatically search content in my web page itself? Or do I have to activate something for it to do searches? Not interested yet in doing google or web searches just want to be able to search my site. Any help woul be great!!! Thank u

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Yes - just time something :-)

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@ Mike

It should work automatically if you are using a CMS but in case of HTML template you need to use a third party script.

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