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Posted: 10/2/2009
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Is anyone able to add embeded flash elements to a WP theme created in Artisteer?

I installed the Kimili Flash Embed plugin in WP 2.7, but I can't get it to work. I tried adding the code to the header.php and to pages and/or posts directly, but nothing shows up. Any ideas?



Posted: 10/3/2009
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You search for a wordpress flash header phugin

Posted: 10/5/2009
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I did and chose to try the Kimili plugin. The problem is that the way the header.php file is structured in Artisteer is not the same, lacking a section like:
a href="?php echo get_settings('home'); ?" title="?php bloginfo('name'); ?"h1?php bloginfo('name'); ?/h1
in which you are suppose to replace with this call:
kml_flashembed movie="path/header.swf" height="y" width="x" /
I tried placing the code within the "div-class art-header" but it's not working.

The plugin also does not appear to work in pages and/or post. In both these places you don't need to edit the code as the plugin supplies a button in the editor, but nothing shows on the finished product.

I posted in other forums where successful users are pointing to Artisteers specific architecture as the problem, that’s why I was asking IF you knew of something specific that could resolve this OR another product that works better with an Artisteer Theme…??