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Posted: 8/25/2009
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Posted: 10/15/2009
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You can use an sIFR font maker to make sure fonts look the way you want them to on all machines. This is only really good for short headings or small areas of text, though I have used it for a full page of text exceptionally.

If you google sIFR you will probably find a small application you can use at a reasonable price. Here is a sample page for you to see what I mean
This is a site I am building - unfortunately started before I discovered Artisteer, but I am now doing a rebuild with Artisteer!


Posted: 10/17/2009
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Hi, I have the same doubt.... :-/

In the title (head) I want to use one font that we dont have in Artisteer: Agency FB.

I have that font in ZIP format. How can I install the font to use in the title??

Help please! (urgent) ;-)

Thanks all
Dave Porter

Posted: 10/18/2009
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In Windows you simply go into Control Panel, select 'Fonts'.

Depending on the version of Windows there is an option to install new fonts.
On XP it is on the File menu.

Googling this would have found this in 5 seconds BTW:
As this is nothing specifically to do with Artisteer.
Plus the website Garry's link above shows gives you these details.

But as I said earlier - how many of the visitors to your web site are going to have 'Agency FB' on their computer. Make sure you test it on a computer that does not have this font installed to ensure it looks OK.

HTH, Dave

Posted: 11/10/2009
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search for css3 @font-face attribute, maybe.

Posted: 1/6/2011
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Here is a link for several dynamic font replacement options and how to use them. These will allow you to use any font you like. your website viewers will also see the fonts you use too.

Posted: 1/10/2011
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If you want to use fonts other than the default fonts you need an photo shop or gimp and crate your page or header with the fonts you want and save it as a jepg or a png. it wont be editable so make sure you have it exactly the way you want it before you save it to one of theses formats

Posted: 6/16/2011
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This is for Joomla but I'm sure similar solutios are available for other platforms

Here are a few links to use Cufón font replacement. What you need to do if make Cufón js files of the fonts you want to use and set up the installed joomla plugin to use these files :
here are the links

Font replacement plugin :
Font Generator :
Cufón Fonts :

works perfectly once it's set up :-)
Rob D

Posted: 9/18/2012
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Quote JOE:


Hi Joe, and all.... actually, you CAN embed a non-graphic, text-readable font into a Joomla! template/site.... here's the method and the code...

First, you must upload the font file/s to a folder on your server, ideally located under the public_html folder. Make a new directory like "custom_fonts" and upload the font files to it. To my knowledge, TTF (True Type) fonts will work in this method, but I cannot speak for other font file formats, as I haven't tried to use them.

Now, place the following code at the start of the main template CSS file, and into this same file in any other template/s which will be called on the site, and which use the same "outside" font/s. Make one "@font-face" CSS entry for each custom font you wish to use. A side note - you don't need to paste in the /* commented-out */ information in these code snippets.

@font-face {
font-family: RAVIE;
src: url(''); /* in the URL declaration you must specify the .TTF extension. Name the custom font folder you made as a part of this path */

Note that the case appears to be sensitive, as far as the font name goes, and that the font family name (RAVIE, here) must be written exactly as it is or will be used in the CSS to declare the font for use, case and all.

Now, you can declare the font family call your font type, if it isn't already being called from the template someplace, as follows:

font-family: RAVIE; /* no .ttf extension required, here */

And, there ye be... please note that your browser and server caches will prevent your embedded font from appearing online, until they are cleared to allow the new look to shine through.

Posted: 10/10/2013
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Всем привет с Украины !! :-)