Upcoming Features

We are hard at work on Artisteer 3.2 and here are just a couple of the upcoming features:

Slideshow In Header

Artisteer 3.2 will support adding rotating images within the header, including options for controlling how they are displayed.

Slideshow in Header

30+ New Font Sets With Google Web Fonts

You will be able to create better designs with rich typography.


New Artisteer Font Sets

Template Export SDK For 3rd Party Developers

We plan to further open the Artisteer design platform for 3rd party developers. Developers will be able to implement support for additional CMS products.

Artisteer SDK Option

More features may be available within Artisteer 3.2 as we complete them.
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NOTE: the above Artisteer features are still being developed, therefore they may work somewhat differently in the final product than shown in this article.