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Creating Joomla Templates with Artisteer

Here is how to create and apply great looking Joomla!™ templates in just a few minutes using our joomla template generator:
  1. Start Artisteer and click the "Suggest Design" button several times, until you see a Joomla!™ template idea that you like:

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  3. Adjust design elements such as layout, background, header, fonts, etc.
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  4. Export your template to a folder on your computer and zip the files.
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  5. In Artisteer 4 you can export content to your Joomla!™ template as well. To do this, enable "Include Content" before exporting the template.
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  6. Upload your newly created Joomla!™ template to your Website via the Joomla!™ Administration -> Extensions -> Extension Manager.
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Congratulations on your great looking Joomla!™ template!
For more information refer to how to use joomla templates.
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