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Sticky: Joomla Plug-in Update 12  4/1/2015  Tanya
PHP 7.x not compatible with Artisteer 9/21/2017  Adam
Re-Import Artisteer Joomla Template without artx file? 9/21/2017  Sebastian Heyn
Update template for using Joomla 3 in place of Joomla 2 9/11/2017  Wil
How can I export content to Joomla without page alias 9/8/2017  Alexander Beck
Reponsives Joomla Templates 8/28/2017  Frank
Responsives Templates 8/27/2017  Frank
Change Position of Title and PreviewImage in two column blog design 8/22/2017  Picknikker
Horizontal menu seems to be hiding 8/13/2017  Marg Knox
Horizontal menu in bottom position? 18  8/11/2017  sandi
Top1 - Top2 - Top3 module width 13  8/11/2017  hasbi
Change Slogan after export possible?? 7/25/2017  Jeymar
Import content does not work 7/24/2017  Kyla
Warning: Parameter 2 to modChrome_artblock() expected to be a reference, value given in ////template/html/modules.php on line 39 19  7/22/2017  John Doe
headers dont work correctly 7/19/2017  pouwel
Login Form Not Visible 7/15/2017  Jeymar
Tabs are not working in joomla 7/10/2017  Sergey
Google fonts load differently from secure site vs non-secure site 7/3/2017  Lynn Caprarelli
My articles have no padding. Can you help? 7/1/2017  Mark
The replacement of Artisteer for joomla templating 6/28/2017  Joe
Artisteer new version 6/28/2017  Joe
Responsive view Table 6/26/2017  Ventsislav
Template Import Content from Joomla 3 and Artisteer 4.1 problem 21  6/25/2017  zervas
Kunena & Artisteer 6/24/2017  lolapop
Google Fonts not showing properly online 6/13/2017  George
Template and JJ Social Slider 6/9/2017  Quo
OnMouseOut a OnMouseOver 6/9/2017  Quo
tabbed items in phoca guestbook 6/7/2017  Arian
Import Content from Template is gone in Joomla 3.7.0 6/2/2017  Michiel Nijenhuis
template no .artx 5/26/2017  skate2k5
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