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Sticky: Joomla Plug-in Update 12  4/1/2015  Tanya
Image scaling issue 4/26/2017  Arthur
parameter for showing module positions? 4/26/2017  Stefan
Ordering Images In Head In Mobile View 4/25/2017  lolapop
Only the Last Blog Article show 4/25/2017  Bengt
Featured articles shown as squares 4/19/2017  Fadace
Parent menu items in mobile view 4/18/2017  Omer
Load responsive theme very slow 4/18/2017  Omer
My articles have no padding. Can you help? 4/17/2017  steambc
Removing bullets from coalaweb traffic 4/16/2017  RaZoR
Menu drop down fade-in effect adding CSS 4/15/2017  marc
Unable to export project. Error code 301-1 4/11/2017  ausdenker
Jquery 4/11/2017  Doug
Joomla 3.x 4/9/2017  Andrea Arata
I want the left menu to be fixed 4/8/2017  Ghada
Vertical Menu Design 4/8/2017  Djclewes
Same height for modules 4/7/2017  RaZoR
not import Content from template 4/6/2017  P.J.J. Suijker
Slides are not showing 4/5/2017  Jan
Cannot find .art-header in template.css 4/3/2017  Idso
Sticky menu and header 4/3/2017  Idso
Artisteer template style to Joomla 4/1/2017  Al
Horizontal menu in bottom position? 16  3/31/2017  hasbi
Top1 - Top2 - Top3 module width 10  3/31/2017  deem
Intro image before title 3/30/2017  Robert Drygas
Google fonts load differently from secure site vs non-secure site 3/26/2017  Jason S
DJ Imageslider does not work OK with Joomla 3.6.2 3/25/2017  marc
Strange behaviour in Category Blog layout 3/16/2017  hans
JCH Optimize with Artisteer 3/9/2017  Fred
artisteer 4 not work with jch optimize 3/9/2017  Fred Jouan
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