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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 5/12/2014  Antonina
The sticky, shrinking, slide-out menu/header effect. 26  9/22/2014  thethe
Displaying Custom Post Types 9/22/2014  Koren
Remove indent from page title alignment 9/22/2014  BruceD
How to change site name in Browser tab 9/22/2014  Webmistress
Slideshow in header 9/22/2014  Antonina
How Can I Change "Home" In The Top Navigation Menu To An Icon Of A House? 9/22/2014  smile
Can't change background of cell 9/22/2014  nomafo
Wordpress + artisteer theme + text zoom plugin 9/22/2014  nomafo
Responsive menu not showing on iphone 9/21/2014  Geezar
Fixed Header into Wordpress Theme - Shapes problem!? 9/19/2014  Dimitrios
Page Styles Do Not Carry Over To New Pages 9/19/2014  Trevor
How to optimize Wordpress template to reduce CPU and Memory usage of server? 13  9/18/2014  Curious
Hide Slide Image in some pages 9/18/2014  Tanya
Alignment of AutoThumbnails? 9/17/2014  Gerald
Can Artisteer create Child Themes for another framework like Genesis? 9/17/2014  Tool
Artisteer slider not working when exported to wordpress 9/17/2014  Elvira
How to change width of middle colum in 3 col layout 9/17/2014  Elvira
Get footer to stay at bottom of page 9/17/2014  thagirl
Removing Icons in Menu 9/16/2014  Lizbit
Different backgrunds 9/16/2014  Annette
Alt text and filenames for filmstrip 9/15/2014  Hegel
Replacing the default blog template with a customized version 9/15/2014  Helveticus
Adding the date to my posts 9/15/2014  Drew
read more tag broken since wordpress 4.0 9/15/2014  Eileen
I just use Artiseer 9/14/2014 
First & Second Navigation widget Area overlap header and menu 9/14/2014  Ronen
Help with Footer Please 9/13/2014  Gary
4.1 beta lack of footer widget areas 14  9/13/2014  Jeff
Texture image not showing completely 9/13/2014  Nick
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