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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 5/12/2014  Antonina
Ugly Hamburger Navigation 17  10/19/2014  ScottN
Registering "Theme Options" on Custom Post Type / Taxonomy 10/19/2014  Arne
Woocommerce and Artisteer 20  10/17/2014  Philip
how to change URL name 10/17/2014  Adam
Make Headline or slogan clickable telephone number 10/17/2014  Eileen
Please clarify 10/17/2014  Eileen
Margins/padding on sheet 10/17/2014  Eileen
Static Background 10/16/2014  Dillon
Sticky Menu 10/16/2014  Dillon
Can you make one of the single page site designs with Artisteer? 11  10/16/2014  Belinatti
Possible to add bootstrap to artisteer theme? 10/15/2014  Damy
How to add Bootstrap to Wprdpress theme? 10/15/2014  Damy
read more tag broken since wordpress 4.0 10/15/2014  Alan
line spacing within a paragraph 10/15/2014  Philip
on blog page - how to show only excerpts? 10/15/2014  Kelly
Roll Over or Hover Effect for images in WP? 10/14/2014  Antonio
Collages? 10/14/2014  shane
Add pdf and print buttons to website 10/14/2014  Philip
Change the position of WordPress Header Widget in Responsive view. 10/14/2014  Antonina
header images not displaying in safari 10/13/2014  dave
Question about main title and sub-headings or slogan 10/13/2014  Dave
Fixed Header into Wordpress Theme - Shapes problem!? 10/13/2014  Philip
Wordpress Content XML file 10/12/2014  Paul
ot: contacting templateer 25  10/11/2014  Philip
WP Tuxedo Sidebars Not Showing 10/11/2014  Bazish
How to Style Article? 10/9/2014  PurpleEdge
Issue with cell spacing 10/9/2014  Monty
Should I upgrade from 4.1? 10/9/2014  Me
postbullets image in easy image gallery plugin 10/8/2014  Tanya
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