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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 5/12/2014  Antonina
WP Tuxedo 1.4.5 Released - Premium WordPress Exporter 9/1/2014  Trevor
Can't edit font in textblock - 4.3 9/1/2014  Hegel
How to use new post type... 9/1/2014  www
Artisteer overwriting WooCommerce 9/1/2014  Elvira
Problem rtl Theme and edit name 9/1/2014  Elvira
Can not open 9/1/2014  Elvira
Make Header Text Responsive 9/1/2014  Elvira
vmenu number of entries 9/1/2014  Elvira
ot: contacting templateer 18  8/31/2014  Rabid
Artisteer responsive menu problem in all themes 8/31/2014  SDOC
Header not displaying correctly 8/31/2014  Gary
Postheader Post at every page or post as title 27  8/30/2014  MYM
Header image scaling down to fit the browser page? 8/30/2014  RichardD
Server and loading to slow 8/29/2014  su
Wordpress and woocommerce 8/29/2014  Trevor
Artisteer 4.3 Beta + WordPress 4.0 Beta 8/29/2014  Judy
Hide Category Title at Top of Page 8/27/2014  thatgirl
How do you create a different menu on a different page? 8/27/2014  thatgirl
menu item search control 8/27/2014  thatgirl
on blog page - how to show only excerpts? 8/27/2014  thatgirl
where do i change "Continue reading →" 14  8/27/2014  thatgirl
Add Search Bar to Header 23  8/27/2014  Stephen
Post Layout - Change From 2 Column to 1 8/26/2014  Thepipe
Content layout on Blog page 8/26/2014  thatgirl
Clickable header image 8/26/2014  thatgirl
Disapearing header images in responsive view 8/26/2014  Tanya
Problems with featured images? 14  8/25/2014  Farhan
I want to update the dental hospital website. 8/25/2014  Dave
Web site layout in Internet Explorer messed up 8/24/2014  Antonina
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