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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 4/6/2014  louis
Subject (title) problem for blog theme 4/16/2014  Eileen
Wordpress 3.9 4/16/2014  Cees
The sticky, shrinking, slide-out menu/header effect. 12  4/15/2014  Zulu
Adding Widget Areas Between Header & Content and Footer & Content 4/15/2014  speedyp
Need help: Cannot display subpages when Parentpage is clicked 4/15/2014  Murat
Fixed Header in desktop view only 4/15/2014  speedyp
The year in the footer no longer updates on Jan 1st. 4/13/2014  Peter
Comment Numbering 4/13/2014  Rudi
Controlling How Each Page Appears 12  4/12/2014  Ray
Sticky Posts - Different Background Color 4/12/2014  Rudi
Show ALL COMMENTS Button in Pager 4/12/2014  Rudi
IE 10 - Why Shadow Effect in Header 4/10/2014  Antonina
Can this be done in Artisteer 4/10/2014  Adam
Resize Comment Box ? 4/10/2014  George
Headline in Header Moves When Clicked 4/9/2014  Kari
Problems with featured images? 4/9/2014  Thaer goldenman
logo in the center of the navigation 4/9/2014  jrgweb
Resize fixed header on scroll 4/8/2014  Zulu
Divs does not work in wp when adding a new page 10  4/8/2014  Zulu
Error messages and authorship problems 4/8/2014  reewordpresspremium
Change hmenu to expand on click?? 4/7/2014  speedyp
Hey guys, header image link question 4/6/2014  Chophouse
First page with blocks 4/5/2014  Stupid Me
Vertical Menu formats all menu items like submenus 4/4/2014  Serena
Responsive adsense 4/4/2014  lee
Horizontal menu 200 pixels to the left 4/4/2014  snhnic
Second Horizontal Menu Instruction 4/4/2014  Jeremy Mullens
Post your bugs here for Artisteer 4.1 for Windows ( 44  4/4/2014  Tina
Remove mobile layout 4/4/2014  Tina
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