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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 5/12/2014  Antonina
Help! - I am exporting RESPONSIVE themes but they are not responsive when I upload to the website. 2/27/2015  Kat99
unwanted bullets appearing in images 24  2/27/2015  Tanya
Responsive vertical menu: other location and/or collapse 2/26/2015  JeeGee
replace a font w/ @fontface 2/26/2015  John
headers shrink on scroll - To anyone who looks for this 2/25/2015  Amir
clickable phone number in header, on mobile 2/25/2015  Amir
Where is "Change Image" menu? 2/24/2015  Antonina
Different Colors for Menu Items 2/24/2015  John J
"post view" 2/24/2015  papu
Removing RSS Feed 16  2/24/2015  Seppl
Chaning images by category 2/23/2015  Helen Stephens
Adding banners/ads outside sidebar/site-template. 2/23/2015  Venkat
"Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content" 11  2/23/2015  seoyandira
Header Slideshow fades to gray -- can this color be changed? 2/21/2015  ScottN
What's better? Artisteer on a PC or MAC? 2/20/2015  Chris
Header Item Formatting Issues 2/20/2015  rshboston
Lightbox 2/20/2015  Vincmori
removing You may use these HTML tags and attributes on comments 23  2/19/2015  I Love Spam
hot to remove: Images by Flickr/eblaser 2/19/2015  kostas
Header Search Bar 2/17/2015  Nick
widget areas layout per theme 2/17/2015  Kier
Updated /core/navigation.php file 2/16/2015  TotallyTech
How do I remove the links in the footer? 2/16/2015  Tyler Zambori
reposition object / image in header overruled by 2/16/2015  Bob
Top Menu can display all my buttons correctly 2/16/2015  Tina
site looks completely different to my client 2/15/2015  intcon
Edit a plugin CSS 2/14/2015  Kelley
blog with posts in columns 10  2/13/2015  lenny
styled cells never show up in WordPress theme 2/13/2015  Franklin
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