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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 4/1/2015  Tanya
Slider showing images not posts 20  5/28/2015  Dena
Widgets shifting from primary to header with updated theme install 5/28/2015  LenW
Can't use menu restriction with PrivateContent plugin 5/28/2015  Vincent
cross fade image on hover 5/27/2015  Short
Background plugins not working with Artisteer theme 5/27/2015  David
How to set font style 5/26/2015  tdv
Page content and menu not showing- WP 5/26/2015  Craig
Uploading WP theme issue 5/26/2015  Craig
Google Mobile Friendly Checker fails in Artisteer 13  5/26/2015  Lars
Ugly Hamburger Navigation 19  5/26/2015  Lars
Theme Options: What does Excerpt balance do? 5/25/2015  patti
Logo i horizontal menu - How?? 5/24/2015  Brannan
Creating Dating Site 5/24/2015  d
Move content with 50px 5/23/2015  Lars
phone portrait custom responsive different height? 5/22/2015  Lars
Exporting 1 Single Page from Theme and then importing it 5/21/2015  Philip Barrington
Puzzled 5/21/2015  Philip Barrington
Looking for a wordpress theme. 5/21/2015  Philip Barrington
Artisteer Theme with WooCommerce on Safari 5/19/2015  Scott
Cannot edit address or password on my account page Woocomerce 5/19/2015  Richard
Display Wordpress Menu Description in Menu 5/19/2015  Ben
Responsive works but header image not... please help 45  5/19/2015  Lars
Mysterious IFRAME CANT REMOVE 5/18/2015  Kiki
Picture with description not responsive in Wordpress 5/18/2015  Barbara
responsive design, sidebar without collapse 5/17/2015  Michael
5/17/2015  Michael
what php file is the page that shows all your latest posts? 5/16/2015  Hi
edit 'Designed by' locate in code 5/15/2015  Short
Error in Chrome - pages jump to the left at refresh 14  5/15/2015  Go Away
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