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Second Horizontal Menu 9/5/2015  Oystein
Put H1 tag/Site Title in footer instead of header 9/2/2015  James G
Social Media Icons Not Located In Joomla After Template Exported 8/29/2015  Juan
Vertical menu problem - links not working 8/26/2015  Rob
How change tags <H2> to <H1>? 8/25/2015  Adrian
Administrator top menu 8/24/2015  bryan
multiple vertical menus in different colours 8/21/2015  James G
Contact us form background color 8/20/2015  DebbyP
Artisteer template for joomla export problem!!! 8/19/2015  bobyx
Horizontal menu resizing while scrolling 8/16/2015  Pascal
vertical menù 8/14/2015  skate
Smooth slide effect Horizontal menu 8/13/2015  eliza
responsive and mobile not working 8/12/2015  Sam A
Help with Joomla template 8/9/2015  ML
Can't line up slogan with headline 8/6/2015  Patrick
submenu not displayed 8/5/2015  miwok
image in background and other 13  8/4/2015  Tony
horizontal subcategories 7/30/2015  Eileen
Forcing blocks to align in responsive view 7/22/2015  Brian
Artisteer shows template responsive for mobile but Google test shows template fails 7/20/2015  Ian Shere
Horizontal menu not displayed as designed (Joomla 2.5) 49  7/19/2015  Ineta
Width of browser changes appearance 7/14/2015  Eileen
Flash buttons on vertical menu 7/12/2015  Joe
My Solution to Responsive Display on Tablet 768X1024 7/10/2015  Vaggelis
The lack of subtitles in the header 7/9/2015  Tina
Internet Explorer 11 - Background fixed 7/3/2015  Louis
Request failed: 500 Content import 23  7/3/2015  Anton (RUS)
Block Header color is missing 6/30/2015  steambc
Front end module editing 10  6/25/2015  Thomas
PDF/Print/Email 6/23/2015  Ian Shere
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