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Main Menu Missing 10/27/2015  Sara
Menu is going bad 10/24/2015  Ian Shere
DropDown Menu in J-2.5.1 10/24/2015  min
Menu fonts, font size, font color, unable to change, help please 17  10/23/2015  James G
Can someone please enlighten me on settings for responsive header... 10/20/2015  Ron
Unable to export Joomal template to 10/19/2015  Tina
short white flicker when navigate 10/19/2015  Wouter
Cannot import template content into Joomla 3.4.4 10/16/2015  Doug Evans
Full width slide show 10/7/2015  Jonathan
Tap Targets in left menu and in login form 10/6/2015  paul
Google font not showing on site 10/5/2015  king okkie
Customised Full Width Header 10/5/2015  Jonathan
Artisteer 4.0 Joomla Templates Don't Show Messages 10/1/2015  Сергей
Joomla + JoomShopping responsive template problems 13  10/1/2015  James G
Top menu overlaps with image zoom 10/1/2015  Igor
Class for Search button 10/1/2015  Igor
no funciona diapositivas (Slide does not work) 9/28/2015  Eva Martínez
Background Module 9/28/2015  IWOXX
Template shows cells with bordr/background. How do I get them to show on page? 9/24/2015  Paul
Modify Joomla Contact Category Display 9/21/2015  AlanH
Transfer parent title variable of active menu item 9/20/2015  Doug Evans
Artisteer 4 and Joomla 2.5.6 There was an error uploading this file to the server. 9/20/2015  Jay
How Can we do this? 9/18/2015  Arjan
Does Artisteer 4.3 Export Joomla 3.4 Templates 9/18/2015  Eileen
Full screen header isn't full screen In Microsoft Edge browser 9/18/2015  Artur
Footer not removable 9/11/2015  Jocelyne
Will Artisteer Templates support Microdata 9/11/2015  Ajit
form element - check boxes align vertically 9/10/2015  webguy
Different Background colors 10  9/10/2015  David
Export Joomla 9/7/2015  James G
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