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Developer to create joomla template needed 12/8/2016  Tony
News for Joomla! 3.x Artisteer Templates !!! 12/8/2016  Tony
Problem Javascript/HMenu 12/8/2016  Tony
Footer doesnt display 12/1/2016  Carina
Can I move content position? 11/27/2016  Beth
Joomla Template with Content 11/26/2016  Sinead Hanley
Dutch forum 11/25/2016  HeuF
Update My Template to New Version Need help 11/21/2016  help
SSL 11/15/2016  Kristen
Unable to upload artisteer 4.3 template to Joomla 3.6.2 11/10/2016  Clare Ashton
Templates Diviso 11/2/2016  Daniele
Dont Have Joomla Export 10/20/2016  Martin
Trying a template if it looks fine with Joomla before bying and customizing it with Artisteer 10/19/2016  DanielLee5
Collapsable responsive menu 10/13/2016  Robert
Can anyone convert a Joomla 1.5 template to 3.x for me 10/12/2016  BZanten
Header control icons (like Facebook) become vertical in phone portrait 9/30/2016  Rob
Styling checkbox 9/27/2016  Jack
How can the slider be removed from an existing project 9/22/2016  Pierre
Hide slider on phone and tablet 9/22/2016  Jack
2 problems with Artisteer, for exporting Joomla Templates 9/22/2016  Tom
art-blockheader text non-responsive 9/16/2016  David F.
blank page frontend 9/13/2016  David Malton
Keeping banner and horizontal menu fixed while page scrolls 20  9/5/2016  Thea
Switch to default response 9/3/2016  Raf
Slideshow 8/31/2016  Rob Prins
Sub menu doesn't appear at mouse over on mobile. 8/30/2016  Arif Jamil
Buttons not working showing 8/23/2016  Jürgen
Responsive images too large 8/19/2016  chris
FIX Module position in Joomla 3.6 8/6/2016  Darren
Smileys on your smartphone too large 8/5/2016  Reiner
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