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2 problems with Artisteer, for exporting Joomla Templates 9/22/2016  Tom
art-blockheader text non-responsive 9/16/2016  David F.
blank page frontend 9/13/2016  David Malton
Position 7 Above 12 on mobile 9/7/2016  Nick Lauren
Keeping banner and horizontal menu fixed while page scrolls 20  9/5/2016  Thea
Switch to default response 9/3/2016  Raf
Slideshow 8/31/2016  Rob Prins
Sub menu doesn't appear at mouse over on mobile. 8/30/2016  Arif Jamil
Buttons not working showing 8/23/2016  Jürgen
Responsive images too large 8/19/2016  chris
FIX Module position in Joomla 3.6 8/6/2016  Darren
Smileys on your smartphone too large 8/5/2016  Reiner
Support for 3.6? 8/4/2016  Rob Prins
html injection 7/22/2016  Joe
template is not responsive artisteer 4.1.0 and j 2.5.9 25  7/13/2016  Max
Ocultar módulos o posiciones en la adaptación a móviles 7/12/2016  james humberto gomez
Joomla 3.5 and artister 12  7/12/2016  Jeff T
Responsive Logo 7/10/2016  Stephen
Images in line 6/29/2016  Allan
Normal design loads before responsive 6/21/2016  Niamh Katee
Styling of form tooltip 14  6/21/2016  Fion
Hidden-Phone 6/18/2016  Ian Shere
Align header to content 6/16/2016  Tester
Buttons controle same as menu button 6/9/2016  Jaccie
Content menu header (top) mixed with sheet (page) 6/8/2016  Mike
Put content before left modules in responsive design 6/3/2016  Korresia
Iframe Problem 6/2/2016  Dusty
Please help! joomla template not displaying 5/25/2016  Sammy B
artisteer button responsive view 5/24/2016  Karisma Kapoor
Set position bottom to center 4/29/2016  help
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