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Responsive Design in future releases? 59  10/14/2013  JEfromCanada
Menu Animation slide or fade 9/11/2013  jbradley
Title Style Options missing in Version 4 9/5/2013  Kris Birchmore
Request Export feature for Umbraco 11  8/30/2013  Mateus
Bullets not lining up 8/14/2013  podman
Fixed Header 8/14/2013  podman
Extra menu width option 8/14/2013  podman
Spell Checker? 8/5/2013  jamie ellerbe
Awesome Web Design 8/5/2013  KM
Custom WordPress Theme Options to be created in Artisteer GUI - very simple implementation 7/30/2013  Anton
class information 7/25/2013  robgib0
Multiple page designs 37  7/22/2013  wilson
Prestashop would be nice also that would rock 7/20/2013  Why
Images to sheet and image backgrounds 6/28/2013  Ian Shere
Tumblr Themes 15  6/21/2013  Pradip Burman
Vertical menu always on top with position:fixed 6/20/2013  Bernd
Gantry-Framework 6/14/2013  Norbert
Default folder and name for saving theme 6/13/2013  Antonio Arias
Picture borders 6/4/2013  Anita
A scaled header logo in mobile responsive 5/28/2013  SMaz
Thoughts on design elements.... 5/28/2013  SMaz
Phpbbost Template support 5/26/2013  Imadeus
Create new template modules places 63  5/21/2013  design
Web tabs, FAQ section 5/15/2013  Daniyar
How about e107? 314  5/14/2013  Manuela
Copy Page to New Page 5/10/2013  Al
Linux - OpenSUSE Version 5/9/2013  JP
Command Line Support 5/8/2013  BRUMICON
CSS Sprites support to speed download 5/7/2013  XOOMSERVE
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