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Adding login form 10  1/16/2018  ieda
Joomla 3.8.x Tooltip Issues with Artisteer template. Get rid of or modify! 1/6/2018  Aura Gutierrez Mendoza
Set Slideshow to random order 12/19/2017  Marg Knox
DJ Imageslider does not work OK with Joomla 3.6.2 12/15/2017  Randy
no slideshow on pages 12/15/2017  Randy
post header icons has disapeared 12/13/2017  Morten Wadstrøm
Menu separators do not appear for submenu items 12/6/2017  Skiddz
SEO URLs and linkw 12  11/26/2017  Randy Meyer
URL Naming 11/26/2017  Randy Meyer
URL's 11/26/2017  Randy Meyer
2 horizontal menus - HELP! 36  11/24/2017  sixtus
Double Search font in Search bar. 14  11/6/2017  Hitesh Chauhan
How to use newsletter subscription 11/2/2017  Sascha Vermassen
Fixed header in Joomla template 10/27/2017  Lars Nielsen
HTML webpage to Joomla template 10/11/2017  Gviny
Sample Template not opening anymore in Artisteer!!!! 10/9/2017  Sabine H.
modules.js...this file is showing updates when nothing changed? 14  10/8/2017  Mark Whittaker
exporting errors 10/8/2017  Chris Aube
Horizontal menu in bottom position? 19  10/6/2017  smile
Top1 - Top2 - Top3 module width 14  10/6/2017  sandi
PHP 7.x not compatible with Artisteer 9/21/2017  Adam
Re-Import Artisteer Joomla Template without artx file? 9/21/2017  Sebastian Heyn
Update template for using Joomla 3 in place of Joomla 2 9/11/2017  Wil
Reponsives Joomla Templates 8/28/2017  Frank
Responsives Templates 8/27/2017  Frank
Change Position of Title and PreviewImage in two column blog design 8/22/2017  Picknikker
Horizontal menu seems to be hiding 8/13/2017  Marg Knox
Change Slogan after export possible?? 7/25/2017  Jeymar
headers dont work correctly 7/19/2017  pouwel
Login Form Not Visible 7/15/2017  Jeymar
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