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Posted: 8/5/2010
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@ Darren

You should contact Artisteer support:

Posted: 8/6/2010
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Though we've actually reported some 6 bugs found so far, some persistant from previous artisteer versions, it does sound like your not looking at the right place.....

create and install a new version WP theme, when you go into the site go to the Widgets control page, there you'll see the new slots available :)

Posted: 8/6/2010
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After 19 hours straight trying to work with Artisteer 2.5 I quit and got some sleep. Back now and the first thing I did was to downgrade to Artisteer 2.4.
Ran the downgrade in the same format as an upgrade and the install when smoothly. After the downgrade had finished I opened one of the theme I had been working on with version 2.5, then saved the theme and exported it to word press no issue. So the good news is that you can easily go back to your old version.

Up to version 2.4 Artisteer was a great product very simple to use, but version 2.5 turned out to be a nightmare between bugs and coding issue. I hope they improve this product because my experience up to version 2.4 is that this is a great product and great value for money.

Bugs so far are
- issue with the All in one SEO plug-in not working correctly,
- Problem running different sidebars for blog and pages
- Problem with widgets
- Difficult to customize the completed template
- It take a lot of time to do simple changes to the theme. One of the reason I use Artisteer is so I can save time not waster time.
- From my experience with version 2.5 I can build a new theme from scratches in Dreamweaver quicker that customizing the exported product. With version 2.4 I could create great themes quickly the make a few changes with notepad++ and had a great theme in less than half the time it takes to create one in Dreamweaver.

Artisteer 2.4 Great product – I would recommend this product

Artisteer 2.5 needs a lot of work before it can ever be as good as version 2.4 – Could not recommend this product


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