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Posted: 10/1/2008
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Hi, I just bought Artisteer yesterday. Brilliant program.

Now, I don't know if this is caused by Wordpress or Artisteer, but I have a 'home' button I'm trying to remove. I've set up this blog as a website just using pages, but no posts. A 'home' page I created myself is the main page that appears when the site loads. But the default 'home' button won't go away. It just redirects to the 'home' page I created.

It's a site I'm putting together for a friend and can be found here -

One other question. Creating normal CSS web templates. How can I create sites from these without Dreamweaver or Frontpage? In the past I've only ever used simple programs like Nvu or created flash sites using Swish.

Posted: 2/2/2012
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Quote Prosper Etienne:

This worked for me, after much reading with no concrete idea:

Create a Static page called "Home" Which will substitute for the hard coded version of that same name.

Go to your dashboard and click on (Reading) under the settings tab.

Click to select radio button "A static page (select below)".

Select "Home" from the first dropdown below and you don't have to select anything for the post as I did not do since I am more interested in pages.

Save Changes

Now, go the "Appearance" tab and select Theme Options to deselect
"Show home item" CheckBox right below the Categories heading.

That be it... hehehe

Note: Doing the last step without the subs above will generate an error due to the intricate and illusive codes that everyone is referring to in certain php files that I could not seem to find after half a day searching for answers online.

This at is long Process, to remove the Home unnecessary home tab simply go to Theme Options ---> Navigation Menu, and Uncheck Show Home Item. That's all.


Posted: 6/2/2014
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Prosper Etienne -- That worked for me too! Thanks!!

After you get to your themes list from Appearances, you have to click on the graphic of your installed theme to get to the controls.